"FREE Presentation Reveals How Workers' Comp and Injury Attorneys Can Stop Over Paying Google and Open More New Cases Each and Every Month."

You're about to discover proven age old marketing principles that can double maybe even quadruple the amount of leads and cases you get from Google Adwords. 

In the video on the next page, I interview one of my clients, an attorney who focuses on workers' comp and car accident cases, and he explains why his marketing is far more effective than what most lawyers are doing.

  • Why 99% of attorneys are doing it wrong
  • How Google Adwords saved his law firm from losing money with Yellow Page ads
  • Why Adwords is THE most cost effective advertising channel for injury lawyers (when done right)
  • How to position your firm making it easier for potential clients to choose you

Eric Louis - Sales & Advertising Systems That Make Money

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Why you should listen to what I have to say…

  • Tim, my client and the attorney I interview in the video, spent thousands of dollars learning how to advertise with Perry Marshall, the leading authority on Adwords. Perry actually referred Tim to me because he was looking for assistance with Adwords. We’ve been working together since June 2011
  • Unlike other people or firms who approach your firm, I actually DO the work, so you won’t be passed around between a dozen people.
  • Should we work together, I WILL NOT offer my services to competing firms in your area
  • I GUARANTEE results on all projects taken!

Certified Google Adwords Partner

In addition to personally passing Google's 2 required exams and adherence to 'best practices' I've personally spent over $20,000 of my own money on Adwords selling products and services. You never want a beginner working on your stuff, especially not in the legal field. Click here for my official listing on Google.com

See Proof these methods work - screen shots from actual Google Campaigns are on the next page.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

What do other lawyers have to say?

Anthony Castelli

I do have a webmaster but I'm always looking for that new wrinkle or something extra to produce and convert leads. Eric came to my attention through Linkedin and we discussed if he could help in this area. 

He did some research on my web site and rankings and offered to consult with me . After working with him I found him to be 
extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. Everything he promised was done as said and on time. 

Specifically I asked him for ways to make my site more responsive as well as ways of getting more geo-targeted traffic to my site - we did a live webinar on each topic. He gave me some great ideas and had his presentation well organized . Either a novice or someone with a bit of experience can learn from Eric how to improve their leads. 

I'd highly recommend working with him - even if you are happy with your current providers - his experience outside the legal profession is valuable.

Anthony Castelli Castelli Law

Most lawyers are VERY bad at online advertising.  By just doing basics most firms get WRONG, YOU can get a serious leg up on the competition.  Don't let another day go by or another dollar spent on Google without this info!