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"Don't You Wish Someone Would Sit You Down and Explain How This Internet Stuff Really Works?"

No hype, fluff, or BullSh*t - Just results!

From The Desk of Eric Louis
- Jersey City, NJ

Dear Friends, Business Owners, Future Success Stories,

Thanks for making it this far - if you watched the presentation I think you'll agree that what we're doing is DRAMATICALLY different than what you're doing now.

It's also a different approach than what you've been offered by local web designers, big fancy legal marketing firms, publishers such as LexisNexis and Findlaw, and lastly what I call the Olive Garden's of Internet Marketing which are companies like Yodle, ReachLocal, and Yellow Pages.

 The main objective has traditionally been to make the lawyer or firm look "professional" and certainly you want to do that, BUT, you also must maximize return on investment.  ROI is ALWAYS been the main goal for my clients.  - Logos, branding, image...those are all SECONDARY benefits of Advertising on Google.  I focus on getting new files opened for my clients and an affordable cost. 

Everyone wants to sell you stuff, but no matter how good it sounds YOU won't get your money's worth unless you've done your homework.

Lawyers, just like other business owners are bombarded by sales people who prey upon your lack of knowledge and busy schedule. 

The good news is that by using Google Adwords you're already getting some results that those who pursue free things like Social Media and Search Engine Optimization will never get.  But if you're not tracking your investment on Google Adwords and having someone "tend the field" you're wasting money and making Google even more RICH

For injury attorneys SEO is an expensive pissing match, and doing anything on Social Media beyond having personal and law firm LinkedIn pages is a huge waste of time.

Creating content with the hopes of "If you write it they will come" doesn't work anymore - if it ever did.  TIP, creating informative, persuasive content that is actually useful to injured people and putting it in front of injured people searching the Internet for legal help actually gets results in real time that you can measure.  Since you're already on Adwords you know this, but you're likely wasting a ton of money in the process with ineffective websites and poor campaign management.

Online Attorney Advertising is a pretty sad state of affairs.  Lawyers do sloppy things like pay money to advertise Google Plus company pages, promote God awful websites, and don't track clicks to phone calls and leads with the intention of knowing how much it costs to open a case.

Imagine that you and a competing law firm both spend $2,000 per month for workers comp pages.   You're competitor is tracking what keywords and ads bring in the calls and consultation requests.

Traditional Ad Agencies Have Always Sung The Song That Ads Cannot Be Directly Measured Because They Get Paid on a Percentage of Spend.

This presents a conflict of interest and today ALL advertising can be measured - and Internet Advertising should MOST DEFINITELY be measured.

The WHOLE POINT of Google Advertising is to track and measure.  For (small) businesses image and branding are maybe, and I mean maybe secondary benefits.

So you're competition is spending as wisely as possible and you're just taking an occasional look to make sure you don't go over budget?

Who will get more results?  Obviously the firm who tracks.

You don't need to become an Internet Guru but you do have to understand what the critical metrics are and how they work.  You need to understand what marketers do outside of the legal profession because if you "stay in the box" you're at a severe disadvantage.

And don't count on being properly educated on Google Adwords from anyone you've encountered before because IF they knew and understood these principles you wouldn't be on this page.

Sure you can always spend thousands of dollars studying marketing from people like Dan Kennedy, or Perry Marshall, but you'll also have to spend MORE time and money putting into practice what you learn.

Now you have the opportunity to implement an already working Internet Campaign

The key difference here is that what I'm offering is PROVEN to convert cold Internet Traffic into leads and new cases.  The website templates offered to you are designed to look good and nothing else.  Sure virtually any website will suffice if the person arriving there has a trusted friend refer them there but for potential clients who've never heard of you and was just seriously injured, a cookie cutter website no matter how expensive IS NOT EFFECTIVE. 

IF more lawyers understood half of what Tim does about marketing they WOULD never do business with companies like FindLaw or Foster Web Marketing who are not only expensive but they will also provide the same service to competing law firms.

How could these websites be effective nearly all personal injury lawyers say the same stuff.  At one point businesses made money from Yellow Page ads.  Then it got saturated.  Most businesses don't know how to advertise and it's not hard to see that most businesses look and sound alike, whether it's lawyers, gyms, Heating and Air Conditioning, web design and so on.

Businesses moved online because the Internet is more measurable and less costly than print.  However the Internet is NOT a new thing anymore and to get results you have to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.   Nearly EVERY lawyer EVERYWHERE offers a free consultation - see what I mean?



Here's Proof!

This is a screen shot from an actual Google Campaign, the client OWNS and HAS ACCESS TO.  This is NOT some "Generic" Lead Generation Page.  LOTS of time and labor went into the words and messaging on the page.  I spend time to LEARN about my clients and tell a unique but persuasive story about their law firm.  THIS is MUCH different than what Yodle or Dex Knows does - they just offer an "online presence" or the digital version of "hanging out your shingle."  Where as,  I not only get the traffic I ensure that it converts into leads and ultimately new cases taken at an affordable cost.

You can see, not only the number of clicks but also how many leads/consultation requests (Converted Clicks) were submitted, and what that cost per lead is, and the conversion rate.  Conversion rate is the total number of clicks divided by the number of consultations requested.

At minimum you need to be able to look at and make sense of the data in these screen shots.  Otherwise YOU'RE WASTING MONEY.

You don't need to be an online marketing ninja, but for God's sake you should...

Have access to your paid click campaigns - this YOU DON"T GET WHEN WORKING WITH COMPANIES SUCH AS YODLE.

In addition you should UNDERSTAND what the columns in the screen shot mean:



Converted Clicks

Conversion Rate

Impression Share

If you don't know what these key metrics mean, you won't know how to improve them and you could fall victim to having seemingly knowledgeable "sales reps" blow smoke up your ass with stuff that "sounds good" only to have a big bill to show for it down the line.

A quick note about me and my background and why it matters...

I won't bore you with all the details so here's the quick version.

In November 2006, I got started for the second time with one of those "networking" businesses because it was not like Amway or some supplement company, instead, you did not have to pester friends, family, or neighbors and you could earn as much as $8,000 per sale.  You placed ads that were proven to get interest - "so they said."

The first batch of ads I put out were in the news paper and they BOMBED.  I spent $1,200 for a 6 week campaign, barely got ANY leads, and the ones I did get were terrible.

After that I moved to the web because you can dabble with a much smaller amount of money - see what the result is - and then spend more if it makes sense.

At the same time I was an Account Manager by day working at at software start up which also had an Adwords campaign plagued with poor account management, over spending, and boring web design.  Much like the typical law firm on Adwords.

I learned Adwords on the job and with my own money.  And in total I've spent over $20,000 on Adwords.  I learned by reading books and have paid people to help me who were mostly mediocre.  I did eventually master Adwords and transitioned from promoting wannabe "make money" business opportunities into managing accounts for real businesses - specifically those who provide a service and generate leads, as opposed to retailers.

In April 2011 I received an email from a lawyer who wanted his Adwords looked at...I asked him how he found me and he said, "I got your name from Perry Marshall."

That was Tim, the lawyer in the presentation above.

Just in case you don't know Perry Marshall is the world's most respected author on Google Adwords.   His material is MUST HAVE information for anyone who spends at least $200 monthly on Google Adwords.

Here's What I Can Do For You

Since you already advertise on Google Adwords, let's start getting you some REAL RESULTS. 

Here's what's needed to do that.

You need to create a lead magnet or problem solving guide.  This is where you need to invest some energy.  While this is not push button easy, it will take some time.  However this is time well spent, and once in place you can advertise the guide and the mini-site I create for years to come.  This is far less consuming that networking be in in person or on Social Media - plus the results are much more measurable.

I'll create a 5-6 page mini-website, that is separate from your existing website and will be created for the sole purpose of generating as many leads as possible and making it as measurable as possible.

You'll get the same campaign's I've successfully put in place for other workers comp and injury attorneys.  That's the beauty of Google Adwords versus SEO. I can duplicate already successful campaigns.  You'll get a more tightly organized and mature campaign along with more compelling ad copy, and a web page that converts more visitors.

  • No long term contracts
  • No Expensive Web Design
  • Made in the USA! Work is not outsource to cheap labor overseas. These strategies are completely WHITE HAT.
  • Results Guaranteed

Put your credit card away NOTHING is for sale....

More Results in 90 Days or Less or My Fee is FREE

I don't work for FREE but here's what I'm looking for, let's see if we're on the same page.

I want to partner with attorneys who now understand that Google Adwords and Search Engine Marketing is an entirely different animal than other forms of lawyer marketing who realize they need a different approach and a professional to manage it.

I'm not asking you to sign up with me today, but since you're already spending money on Adwords, it shouldn't take weeks or months to at minimum audit your campaign.

Ideally we will work together on a useful problem solving guide injured people looking for help and guidance will actually get benefit from.  This will position you/your firm as experts and the FIRM to HIRE.

I will completely redo your Adwords and manage it for 90 days.

You will get dramatically different results.  That I guarantee in addition to personalized prompt service.  You'll be working with me alone, I'm not a sales guy who can promise the world and disappear. 



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I do have a webmaster but I'm always looking for that new wrinkle or something extra to produce and convert leads. Eric came to my attention through Linkedin and we discussed if he could help in this area. 

He did some research on my web site and rankings and offered to consult with me . After working with him I found him to be 
extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. Everything he promised was done as said and on time. 

Specifically I asked him for ways to make my site more responsive as well as ways of getting more geo-targeted traffic to my site - we did a live webinar on each topic. He gave me some great ideas and had his presentation well organized . Either a novice or someone with a bit of experience can learn from Eric how to improve their leads. 

I'd highly recommend working with him - even if you are happy with your current providers - his experience outside the legal profession is valuable.

Anthony Castelli
Castelli Law
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