Product Category Reporting Using Ad Group Labels (Google Ads)

I love Google Data / Looker Studio & I am also a fan of using labels as needed. Sadly, Looker Studio still does not have the ability to use Campaign or Ad Group labels in its dashboards. 

If it did it would be super useful for showing category performance but since it doesn't one can use the reporting built into Google ads combined with ad group level labels appropriately names for each category of product sold - think types of apparel, electronics, or shoes, but in this example types of meat, game & poultry. 

Ad Group level labels come in handy because I'm pulling together quite a few segments such as multiple years, months & quarters + campaign type, AND device. 

The labels will combine many different related ad groups into 1 label. Otherwise there would be JILLIONS of rows and it would be too cumbersome. 

Once ad group levels have been a applied you can set up your report in the Google Ads interface. Use columns for campaign type, ad group label, and time such as months & years. Then set up columns for data points such as cost, revenue clicks etc. 

From there it's not super difficult in Excel to make a table like the one below where one can look at say the monthly performance of a certain category, just on Google Shopping for all of the year 2021 on mobile devices. 

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