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eric louisNo one wants to be bogged down in details right?  But, if you want to get a result you have to have a sound strategic plan and you have to track and measure the right things.  That's why I wrote my Kindle Book - click the cover to grab a free copy!

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Overview of solutions

Everything I do is designed to maximize your investments in marketing and advertising.  Here's a sample of what I offer - keep in mind that there truly is no one size fits all approach.  Each project delivered considers your unique goals and resources.

Paid Search Audits

Let's see how well your paid search campaign is going.  Are you a rockstar far ahead of industry averages, or just trying to get there?  Either way, an audit will give you a completely objective road map.  Maybe you want a neutral 3rd party review, or you want a solid plan your in-house team can follow.

Paid Search Management (Google | Bing)

Expert monthly management from someone who has learned with his own money.  Many providers know "best practices" but don't have the strategic ability to align campaigns with business goals.  The result?  Campaigns that are "set up" correctly, but don't align with the business so they waste money attracting clicks from the wrong people.

Paid Search is very complex!  If you want someone who knows the game and also your business, contact me today.

Paid Social

The days of posting content and hoping they come are over.  The organic reach of Facebook posts is less than 10% (and that's being generous).  If you want the right people to find your stuff, you need to amplify your content and paid Facebook ads are a great way to do it.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great free tool for measuring online performance - IF it's properly set up.  It's also provides tools to help your paid campaigns - from "Goals" to re-marketing lists.

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you