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Hi Eric Louis here with a quick message.

The Playbook is great because I reveal very basic marketing best practices most lawyers don't even know about.  The first step in transforming your marketing is to Get Out of The Legal Marketing Box and do basic things many non-legal markters know like the back of their hands,

Legal marketing is unique in that just getting the basics right has so much upside.  I also teach you in the book how to align your ad dollars to the "The Client's Journey."  Many non legal marketers call this the Customer or Buyer's journey.  This is important because turning your marketing into a Client Attraction System is all about Right Message Right Person Right Time.

To capitalize on this you can't have your ad budgets tied up in campaigns that are slow and costly by nature.  Chances are, if you do what most lawyers do, your resources are not as best aligned as they could be.

(In the guide I break this down easy enough for an 8th grader to understand)

I used to struggle with advertising too...

A while back I started an online business and was told to place newspaper ads to generate phone calls.

This campaign flopped. I spent $1,200 over 3 months and only got a handful of calls that were mostly garbage. Even though I could have earned as much as $8,000 per sale, I had terrible odds if each call was costing me hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars.

My frustration with print lead me to the web, and it wasn't much better. At least in the beginning.

Finally after a year of toiling away I figured it out. I made money and got so good at advertising online I taught others in the business how to market without losing their shirts.

My students also had success.

But, eventually I moved away from "online affiliate businesses" and started working with regular brick and mortar businesses.

In 2011, I got a call from a lawyer who wanted help turning clicks into clients. I thought this would be hard, but it turned out injury law marketing was easier than I thought.

M past experience helped. A lot.

And I've used it successfully for B2B software companies, e-commerce, other law firms, drug and alcohol rehab, as well as teen boarding schools.  The boarding school and rehab campaigns were definitely more costly and more competitive since they are national in scope and injury law is usually limited to a city & state.

Introducing The Savvy Marketer's Audit™

What I've done is come up with a brief checklist that helps you uncover your most urgent problem.  If you want to double your case in take and slash your client acquisition costs in the next 30-60 days then you should book an entry in my calendar.

We'll uncover your #1 challenge and I'll give you 3 strategies to solve it.

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Eric Louis - Google Partner and Law Firm Marketing Expert

Eric Louis - Google Partner and Law Firm Marketing Expert

There's only 10 spots available in the next 2 weeks.  I'm only looking to work with 2-3 more law firms who get it.

I have other clients and campaigns to work on so my time is limited.

Hope to Connect Soon!

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