Most people don't click to call your law firm when clicking on a Google Ad from their smart phones.

An injury law client's "work comp" campaign got 10,004 clicks from late Nov. 2013 to June 23, 2015.

Of those clicks only 1,541 came from a mobile phone which for round numbers is 15% of the total amount of clicks.

Of the 1,541 mobile clicks 180 were presented with the choice to call right from the ad.

Of the 180 that were mobile click to calls 84 resulted in a call to the law firm.

The majority of potential law firm clients are not using phones much when seeking legal help.  And the majority are not ready to call the firm during the early stages of their decision making process.

What does this mean?

Don't over do it on a mobile website or lose sleep over the whole mobile conversation.  Remember you own a law firm, not a BIG e-commerce website where 50% or more of their traffic goes to mobile devices where conversion rates plummet.

You had better have some other kind of conversion mechanism in place besides the 2 most common calls to action being a making a call, or requesting a call.  If you only have a call as the main call to action you're leaving money on the table.

Those seeking legal help in the beginning just aren't ready to get on the phone with a lawyer yet and/or many are not in an area where they feel comfortable talking, like at work.

These stats are in line with other law firms and industries where the potential client/customer wants to inform themselves a bit before making a call.

Someone looking for a towing company on the other hand is much more likely to call first.  Try and think about your clients actual journey.  Yes sometimes it's hard that's why there's advertising data to look at.


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