logos gone wrong

I love Metallica, Ozzy, Judas Priest, Megadeth and various other metal bands.  Not really into the bands listed here or any of their metal sub-genres.

However this is a real poster from some sort of Metal-fest out in California.


How silly are these super Gothic fonts that can't even be read?

This is what happens when trying to out do the next guy when yet still staying in the confines of doing what everyone else does.

Anyhow, take this as a lesson beyond logos.  You don't have to be as different as "Party Cannon" is in this example they are like way out of the ball park but they make a few points.

Different is different and it's not worse, or better, it's just different and different does get attention both good and bad, which if you read more about the story here you'll understand.

The same can be said for headlines, copy, website layout, videos and so forth.

Be different, one way of doing so is addressing problems your potential clients may have NOT trying to "appear" better than the next guy.  These bands went so heavy w/ the fonts they become un-readable which I think many will agree defeats the whole point of having a logo in the first place.

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