How to spend more money marketing your law firm on Google Adwords in 2015

How to Make Google Richer and You Poorer!

Since humans are more likely to avoid pain rather than seek potential gain, here's a tongue in cheek post about how to fail at Adwords and even Internet Marketing in the New Year.

Everyone wants to make less ROI right? Well here's a few steps that will ensure you spend more and get less.  This way Google will have even more money to spoil their employees with for the Holidays such as more $13,000 nap chairs.

google nap chair for emploees

The more Google sees that you don't do much with your account besides pay for clicks the easier it is for them to extract money FROM YOU.

I'm not cynical towards Google, I think they do a good thing and provide an amazing service, but when nearly 50% of all advertisers don't even track conversions so they can optimize (trim the fat out of) their accounts, this tells Big G, that "hey, it seems advertisers mostly care about getting clicks so let's make that easier."  And that's exactly what they do.  Setting up a campaign on your own with Google's default settings will ensure you get lots of clicks, and often times this works out in Google's favor and NOT yours.  Law firm marketing on Google Adwords is TOO costly for beginner mistakes.

So with that said here's what you can do to ensure that clicks get more expensive and you get less phone calls and leads in 2015.

1.  Only look at how much Google is charging you credit card for and occasionally look at number of clicks.  Well that's all that matters right? Number of clicks and dollars spent - as they say Keep It Simple Stupid.  And there you have it.  Who needs to bother tracking conversions and optimizing the account? The Adwords interface only continues to evolve to empower advertisers to spend their dollars more wisely only this doesn't matter for lawyers, don't learn more about the adwords system, keep thinking more clicks higher on the page is better. More is better more is better.  More clicks more coverage equals better and exposure is the name of the game.  On Adwords this means not sensibly geo-targeting your ads.  Or advertising a local firm nationally - see these examples from Facebook.  There's no good reason for me to see Los Angeles law firm ads when I'm in New Jersey.

2.  And with keeping it simple don't even think about writing a unique ad for your firm, just copy what the other guy is doing and for extra credit change a word or 2 here and there.  Look here how 3 of them talk about $$ recovered, and nearly all have the same call to action.  THIS IS BORING AND PREDICTABLE. lawyers on Google Adwords

3.  Continue to fail at educating yourself about Google and Search Marketing in general.  You know it all even though marketing is not covered much or at all in law school let alone pay per click or search marketing -  KEEP CALM AND LAWYER ON CUZ YOU GOT THIS.  Or if not you can make the right decision hiring a third party to do it.  Why take the time to properly educate yourself when you can learn from sales people from "big companies" and then pay them money to do it for you (and the firms you compete with).

If you're even more ambitious you can learn legal marketing seminar continuing to STAY IN THE BOX,  continuing to believe law firm marketing is truly unique and only the law firm "good ol' boys are qualified" to talk about the subject.  I hear ya, lawyers are known for awesome websites and crafting killer ads with high response (conversion) rates.  (Isn't it sad when a retailer on Adwords can get a visitor to WHIP OUT THEIR CREDIT CARD AND BUY A PRODUCT at a better rate than a lawyer can generate a phone call or lead.)

Conversion Rates by Industry - source Wordstream

Or give someone in house WHO HAS NEVER MARKETED OR SOLD ANYTHING the task of managing Adwords/Internet Marketing.   I mean it's only an advertising channel than can drive at least 20% or more of your new cases, no need to use someone with special skills in this area.

4.  If you're going to hire someone for Search Marketing, you ONLY hire someone local since that's someone you can trust.  Well, the best people may not be right in your own backyard.  Brad Geddes who is SUPER well known in the search marketing community as he was chosen by Google to present at their seminars as well as being a paid columnist at Search Engine Land to name a few things, has virtual agency with staff located all over.  Your law firm is not just any old business that local web design shop who offers "PPC" should start working with.  Same applies for FindLaw and LexisNexis, the people there are SALESMAN that learn marketing buzzwords, THEY DON'T REALLY KNOW THIS STUFF.

Remember that the main reason Yellow Page ads got expensive and less effective is because law firms ran to them and placed dull boring ads that nearly look identical from one firm to the next.  Now the same thing is happening with Google Search.

5.  Chasing the latest and thinking Social or SEO is "the way" because Google is expensive.  I'll tell you what's expensive, spending thousands of dollars on SEO with no guarantee of traffic, calls, or new cases.  Guess what all those keywords that are approachable to rank for such as "car accident lawyer (insert your city name)  they are all VERY low traffic.  It's a BIG mistake to cut the adwords spend and allocate it to SEO.

Why is that? Because you will spend big money trying to "rank" for keywords that receive very little clicks from real potential clients.  The lion share of results you will get from SEO will be from people searching your firm by name aka brand traffic.  Brand traffic is EASY to rank for.  All that time and money spent on SEO actually better spent on Pay Per Click when done right.  It is worthwhile to have a well ranked Google Plus Page listing that ranks your site.  But don't spend on SEO because you think it will bring in more cold traffic that will turn into new cases.  It won't.

So what are the solutions? 

Become familiar with direct response advertising principles NOT branding.  Internet Search is all about getting RELEVANT website visitors and getting them to request a consultation by phone, web chat, or by filling out a form.

 Sure there's more to it than that but that's really the gist of it.

Watch this presentation - the injury lawyer on this page spent $6,000 on the most advanced, reputable Google training there is, Perry Marshall's Bobsled Run that is.  (Perry is pretty much the #1 Google Adwords expert in the world.)  He then applied these principles to law firm marketing, and as a result has profitably spent over $250,000 on Google Adwords.  He rolled up his sleeves and invested time and money up front and as a result gets a very predictable stream of calls and new cases each month entirely from Google Adwords marketing.  He's not worried about SEO, building links, blogging or creating new content each month.

When you fill out your info on this page, you'll also get ongoing tips and updates.

Watch it here.





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