How to Capitalize on 3 Common Mistakes Attorneys Make on Google Adwords

Despite the legal profession having some of Google's Most Expensive Keywords...

source: Wordstream

source: Wordstream

Lawyers still make beginner mistakes and pay dearly for it in terms of over spending and more importantly NOT opening cases from paid Internet Search.

What are the 3 most killer mistakes?

Not properly tracking their paid clicks

Using Boring Bland Ad Copy

Over doing it with the home page.

If You'd Like to Know How (Badly) Your Competition Is Doing Along With Ways You Can Capitalize On Their Mistakes, we can schedule a free 30 Minute Call/Web Meeting.

Doing better than your competition does not require expensive new web design, trying to out spend them, or spending more so that your ad is on top of theirs.

Why should you meet with me?

I've personally spent just over $20,000 on Adwords so believe me I've made these mistakes too so it's not hard to spot them.

Also a Certified Google Partner, getting this certification requires passing 2 exams - some of the questions involve the subject matter at hand here.

Perry Marshall - the worlds most quoted expert on Google Advertising said some nice things about my new ebook.

I'm Free Mondays - Wednesdays between 11am and 4pm Eastern and can even do a Saturday of the work week is too busy but this is of interest.

Just CONTACT ME HERE to get started - where the form says "describe your top challenge" enter "Free lawyer competition analysis"

I'll do the research and we'll get it scheduled from there.  THIS IS MOST USEFUL FOR LAWYERS ALREADY ON ADWORDS or THOSE WHO WANT TO USE IT SOON.

Again the reason Google Has Taken Off is Because Advertisers Have the Ability to Get a Result Quickly, Measure it, and Make Adjustments.  Too many lawyers treat it like a Billboard they pay for once and never really optimize.  I'll teach you how to spot competitors who are merely throwing their money at Google and how you can profit from it - again w-out expensive web design, "SEO" or anything like that.



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