Still, in 2014, when Adwords has very much matured, advertisers are still getting it WRONG with Adwords, spending good money to send traffic to boring, brochure based websites, that only OVER INFORM potential customers or clients. (I see this a lot in the law and b2b verticals)

"The company has built a $50 billion advertising business thanks largely to direct-response advertisers."  Google became what it is today so marketers can measure and squeeze every penny out of each dollar spent. 

Still, many advertisers try and act like "big brands" and measure the performance of their Google Adwords campaigns as if they were measuring television or print.  They do things like spending a fixed amount of money each month without considering what keywords they are bidding on, what the intent is behind those keywords, and how much search volume or demand there is for those keywords.

The idea is to maximize RESPONSE from people actively looking for what you offer - it's more complicated than just spending a budgeted number on clicks each month.   If you're only looking at number of clicks and dollars spend you're leaving A LOT OF MONEY ON THE TABLE.

The quote above comes from an article on that talks about how Google poached L'Oreal's CMO because they want to start winning more business from big brands and who better to woo big brands towards Google than a former CMO at a MASSIVE big brand advertiser.

Here's the link.

If you're confused about direct response versus branding and want to start getting more return from your Adwords budget feel free to be in touch.

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