For 90% of Advertisers Stick with Direct Response!

Google needs to continue to increase revenue and one way it's looking to do that is with brand advertisers.  Nothing wrong with branding and getting the word out.  On my book shelf you'll find lots of direct response books but also 2 from David Ogilvy.

In my last post I mentioned Google hiring L'Oreal's CMO.  But I mentioned that because the article stated that Google has historically been a direct response marketing channel - spend money, test, and measure.

Soon, you'll start seeing more from Google about branding and in my opinion branding is a commonly used and widely misunderstood term.   Same with "marketing."

In my "Survival Guide" I touch on this, most people think marketing is about logos, and colors.  And to a certain extent it is, but that's the fun stuff that makes people feel "clever" and what not.

Real marketing is about who the customer is, their pain points, what the true benefits are, and how much they are willing to pay.   True marketing deserves critical and realistic thinking about the customer.

Ever watch Shark Tank and see people get ripped apart? Those that do have not done a marketing plan and their invention or business is a fantasy.

So back to branding...branding is NOT something MOST businesses have to worry about, especially if you're offering is niche or local.  And if you're a new business owner one of the main things you need to do is to get new customers at an affordable cost and keep winning their business over time.

When it comes to Adwords, don't start thinking it's a good idea to start using it as a branding tool.   Google's new initiative is to attract large brands such as Fortune Companies.

By all means have a professional image and look credible, but don't go using Adwords like a billboard.


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