The Old Way of Doing Social Media That's So Time Consuming and Borderline Spammy Is Dying.  Should You Use Ads Instead?

Facebook Ads Could Be a Great Way to Promote Your Song, Mix, Event to the Right People, at the Right Time, Without Annoying Your Friends and Fans So You Have More Time for Music NOT Social Media.

Some of the Worlds Most Respected Clubs and Artists Are Using Paid Social Ads - Have You Tried Them Yet?

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Have a Listen While Andrew from WeSpin Interviews Me About Facebook Ads

Some of the topics covered in the episode:

• How Facebook forces you to spend money on ads.
• The “direct response” approach to marketing.
• Are boosted posts good or bad?
• The types of ads you can set up on Facebook.
• Why you have to test a lot.
• Writing a copy that passes the “So What?” test.
• Optimizing your ads for the best performance.

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Facebook Ads Are a Great Way to Reach New Fans or Get New Ones.  To Promote an Event, or Simply to Reach Your Own Fan Base for Really Important Messages.

And If These Artists, Promoters, and Clubs Are Using Them You Should Too - But That All Depends on Your Goals and Budget


The alternative is to hastily invite ALL your friends to an event or group - over do it and you'll likely annoy them.  OR you can spend most of your day going thru every single one of your friends to be sure you're tagging or inviting just the right ones - this takes SO MUCH TIME.

The alternative is to use Facebook Ads to get the word out to the right people.

Maybe you're aware of this or maybe not, but Facebook is now a pay for play platform.  This eventually happens to nearly everything - and if this is something you whine's just a fact of life.  If you have 100,000 fans your updates may only reach a small % of them at most. So if you want to promote a new album to all of your fans you'll have to run some ads. But this is affordable effective advertising. Even if you have 100,000 fans on your email list it costs goo money to email them as well if you're using a reliable platform and you want your message to reach as many of their inboxes as possible.

I've Run a Facebook Ad Campaign - Let Me Share My Results

This past May, the DJ's DJ Mr. Danny Tenaglia announced a contest where 4 winners were picked to play along him at Brooklyn's Output.  I entered, and despite getting great feedback from another DJ who's worked closely in the past with Danny, didn't win.  Oh well.

I did put a lot of work into my mix - contestants had to submit a maximum of a 30 minute mix using tunes from Danny's days at Vinyl from 1999-2003 (or so).

Leading up to the party and while judging was going on, I figured, "I'm not gonna let my mix collect digital dust praying and hoping others find it and listen - I'll send some traffic to it"

...Here's what happened with $30 spent on ads over about a week or so - maybe it was $3 per day leading up to the night of the party...

Click for Full Size Screen Shot

Results on Soundcloud

This mix I promoted for 30 bucks got more plays and more results than other mixes I've uploaded to soundcloud over a year ago.

Some more cool results.   People writing me directly giving me props on my mix.  Now check this out and I just found this out recently having been connected w/ Vincenzo for a little while now, but he's related to Danny Tenaglia.  I highly doubt he would have found my mix had I not used Facebook ads, and if I did it the "old way" I'd be yet another DJ posting mixes here there and every where.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 11.09.14 AM

I also got new fans, likes, and followers on SoundCloud some of which are known NYC promoters, and music fans that go out every weekend.  These are the people I'd want to connect with and hear my stuff and they are not people I'm already connected with on FB or SoundCloud.

Why pay $$ to Advertise when it's Free to  invite people to gigs, post your music, post on peoples walls and so forth?  Because it's free and everyone and their mother is doing it.

"Can't wait to see what promoter or DJ will SPAM me with their mixes and parties" Said no one ever


Or how about this one "Thank you Facebook for reminding me about all the events I don't give a shit about"

People are bombarded with stuff they don't care about - invitations to play apps, invitations to events, messages, posts and more.

Running your ad be it for an event, a new song, or merchandise in front of a targeted audience let's people decide if they want to learn more or not.  So they fact they even clicked in the first place is a good thing - they are showing interest.  THEN you have to get them to sign up, register, download, or buy.  BUT, the people who DO these things...THEY are your true fanbase, THEY are engaging, THESE are the ones you care about.

More Sales, More Fans, Reaching a New Audience, Get More People At Your Events...

I can help - maybe you need full campaigns done and managed or you want an extra pair of eyes to make sure you're getting maximum results.

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