FREE Interview: "Things Direct Marketers Know That B2B Sales People Can Profit From"

Having spent 7 years in b2b sales it's not fun when...

You dial and dial to reach a very small number of prospects only to find out they don't have problems your company can solve with their products and services - or what you offer is too robust or expensive.

You prospects attend sales presentations and are bored or just "don't get it"

You do demonstrations, send the proposal or contract, and then nothing happens to the majority that get sent out.

You're compete on price more often than you would like

Your customers see your products as being very very similar to your competitors

The majority of your time is spent calling prospects and the return on time spent is very very low.

For managers...

How do you get average or core reps to sell more.

Sales training costs big bucks how do you know you'll see more ROI.

How will you hire and recruit new talent and ensure that the new hire doesn't flop.

The answers to many of these questions are in the interview below, as these are things Brian Kurtz has dealt with for decades in his career.

We also tackle the myth that sales is just a numbers game.  Brian's company Boardroom Inc  sells millions of copies of books and subscription newsletters via direct mail.  And even though they spend $22 million dollars per year on postage he will be the FIRST one to tell you that IT'S NOT A NUMBERS GAME and much much thought is put into who receives mail from his company and what that piece of mail says.  Direct marketing professionals have many of the same challenges sales people such as - how to get the attention of prospects and make them buy.  Admittedly Brian sells less than $100 dollar products, but sometimes his sales cycle is over 1 year which you'll hear him talk about.

In most companies sales and marketing don't play nice and for good reason.  Marketing is often far removed from the sales process working on their own objectives which do not align with what sales people want which is more leads.

Most marketing departments focus on brochures and logos and colors and all sorts of stupid sh*t.  Yes to a certain degree this is marketing but it's the fun easy part that makes people feel clever.  Sure there's value in a good logo, but the kind of marketing Brian does is the complete opposite - NOT AT ALL LIKE what you see in Superbowl commercials or on billboards.  Brian and the people he works with are EXTREMELY skilled at persuasion in print which is why I asked him to speak with me because most sales professionals have no clue that this kind of marketing exists.  Brian also hires top talent and knows a thing or 2 about that but if at minimum you want your communications to be more persuasive you need to start studying and learning what we discuss in the interview.


What is Direct Marketing?  Who is Brian Kurtz? And why should sales people listen to this nearly hour long interview.

Brian Kurtz, BoardroomFor starters Brian and his mentor built a $100 million dollar company in less than a decade.

He has over seen 1.3 billion pieces of mail go out in 20 years and uses direct mail, the Internet and television to sell newsletters and books with direct response advertising.

At the height of his success with infomercials he was spending $80 million on media and sold over 3,000,000 book in a three year period.

Hopefully by now you're starting to see that there's a lot of thought and expertise required to do this profitably - Brian is actually a "slave to the numbers" as he puts it.

With unlimited resources any idiot can mail hundreds of millions of  people but "getting the word" out does not mean people will buy.  Many of the things direct marketers know are very very applicable to sales in terms of persuasion.

Much of what Boardroom promotes is "How to" or problem solving based information.  For many of the people "on his list" the info they receive from Boardroom is welcomed, helpful, and easy to understand.  And for the business everything is tracked and measured.  Many of these concepts can be used by b2b sales and marketers to generate good cost effective leads.

Here are few highlights of what we discussed