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Considering FindLaw for Your Online Web Marketing?

Eric Louis - Google Partner and Law Firm Marketing Expert

Eric Louis - Google Partner and Law Firm Marketing Expert

Thanks for visiting and good move by taking it upon yourself to get info like this.  Are you considering FindLaw for your online marketing? If so you may want to consider alternatives.  Here's why.  Lawyers like other busy professionals and small to medium sized business owners tend to make marketing decisions based on how good the idea sounds, and many times place far to much trust into the person pitching them who often already has a relationship.

Many times especially in this new online world we live in, the best solution is not right in your own back yard.

This decision making process is far different than how full time professional marketers would approach it.  You don't need to have the skills of a full time Internet Marketer at a global Fortune Company - you just need to know how they approach things.  They test and scale, they don't just fork over massive marketing budgets to agencies and what not because it sounds like good idea.  Often times they are the trend setters, they don't have so called "industry experts" to follow.

I'm generally not a fan of sloppy big company branding.  I'm talking about sharp people at big companies like Netflix who have make money from their ads in the form of new paying subscribers.  People at large insurance companies who have to get calls, quotes in the door.  This is called Direct Response Marketing - it's the opposite of branding.

This is REALLY what law firm marketing is all about - getting a serious potential client to see your ad and DO something.  The problem is that lawyers have allowed themselves to be sold on the idea that they are branding their firm and the result is copy cat, cookie cutter, look a like me too web marketing and websites that all essentially serve the same purpose regardless of how slick and "nice" they look or if it was a home made design.

Most law firm sites are nothing more than brochures that satisfy the egos and expectations of the person who built them or paid for them.

Rarely are they made to really speak to the issues and challenges that drive people to the Web looking for legal help.

I think it's safe to say that FindLaw among several others simply provide websites that are nothing more than fancy brochures.  And to sweeten the deal you have to sign up for long contracts and they'll offer the same service to your competitors.

What if I told you that the kind of website that makes potential clients want to call your office is different than the kind that makes partners and law firm owners happy?

If you only want to capitalize on people who seek you out by law firm name.  This is not hard to do and nearly any site with basic information will do and it doesn't take an SEO or web marketing wizard to get web exposure for potential clients that are already familiar enough with your firm by way of word of mouth, TV ads, to "Google" you.

However when it comes to marketing to people that do not already know your law firm - such as car accident lawyer, family law attorney, bankruptcy law and so forth.  They people are looking to FIND a lawyer they are searching.

These are the kinds of keywords that have most traffic, most potential, and are far more costly than your law firm name or "brand" keywords.

This is where most of the potential exists for attorneys and this is where the majority fail and in the process spend Good Money After Bad.  Just because lawyers "exist" online and run Google Ads or SEO campaigns doesn't mean they are profitable and if they lawyer in charge likely has NO CLUE how many cases they open from paid search versus SEO or what they cost per new cases opened is.


Here's What I Mean

Many lawyers today have the wrong priorities  - they obsess over SEO and social.  Social even for the big companies who spend tens of millions on it is VERY hard to attribute revenue directly to.  Even worse lots of lawyers participate in the online rankings pissing contest obsessed over ranking for keywords and being high on the page.  Do those rankings bring new visitors, consultations and appointments or not?

Most lawyers don't know, they don't properly measure and when they do they only look at VERY superficial metrics such as rankings, $$ spent, and how many clicks they got for the money spent.

By the way if you think about HOW GOOGLE MAKES MONEY they do it with sponsored ads!  They don't make money serving people organic websites all day long - and if you want to REAHCH MOST POTENTIAL CLIENTS ONLINE YOU CAN'T ONLY DO IT with SEO.

Again, tremendous opportunity for those who get it and want to follow "true" online marketing best practices and don't want participate in wasteful me too lawyer marketing.

The dirty secret FindLaw and other web marketers don't want you to know?

VERY little traffic can be had from law firm SEO.   The keywords that are approachable to rank for have very little traffic such as "Insert kind of attorney you are followed by your city state"

Most results achieved come from brand keywords searches which again are when people search your name/law firm name.   It takes very little effort and know how to rank for and generate a consultation from someone already searching your brand keywords.   This is where you can totally get by talking about settlement amounts, and using generic language and corny pictures.

The person is ALREADY SOLD ENOUGH on you to seek you out by name.

Who's more likely to buy an electric drill someone who types in "electric drill" or someone who types in "Makita Model # HR2811FX"  obviously the latter right?

Who will be more successful at actually SELLING the DRILL, the retailer who mindless copy and pastes facts and features from the manufacturer, or the one who talks about making holes.  I mean people buy drills cuz they want holes right?

Who will generate more cases from the web the law firm that talks about their facts and features in the same predictable way most law firms do, or the one who promotes information that HELPS potential clients solve problems and in the process steers them towards choosing their firm.

Are we on the same page?

If you like what I have to say and want more fill out your info on this page and you can watch and listen as I interview a long time client who rakes in leads from the web without typical me too cookie cutter lawyer marketing mumbo jumbo.


3 Killer Online Marketing Mistakes Lawyers Make All Day and How You Can Capitalize on Them!

Google is a super effective way to promote your law firm.  However "lawyer" related keywords are the top 5 most expensive category.  I used to think that since these keywords were so expensive that lawyers would be sharp marketers BUT THEY ARE NOT.  They might be some of the worst in general.  I'm not saying that to be mean or trying to be controversial.  Lawyers by and large don't even get the basic elementary things right.

Here are 3 mistakes I can find all day quite easily in nearly every major city/date.   Most law firms are making at least one of these killer mistakes.

1. Tracking.  Most law firms do not properly track their ads.  Let's pretend you sold a retail product such as a golf club, or shoes where 90% of the people click and purchase and maybe some order over the phone.  For those web orders you would want to track them back to specific keywords and ads you pay money to get clicks from.  Same for the phone calls which is totally do able.  For retailers, it's VERY cut and dry as far as what the revenues are for paid search marketing.  For lawyers IT IS VERY POSSIBLE to TRACK New Cases Specifically to Google Adwords.

It CAN BE DONE , but by and large it's not!  You can actually track new opened cases back to the keywords and ads in your Google Account so you can not only determine a cost per new case opened, but then optimize and trim the fat out of the campaign.

As they say, "If you can't measure it you can't manage it."

Who will open more cases from online advertising the lawyer who spends blindly, or the one who measures and improves?  Obviously the latter.

Spending and not measuring is truly spending Good Money After Bad.

How do I know lawyers do not track?

The Adwords system, where you pay money to advertise on certain keywords, has it's own code that gets placed on your site.  This is different than Google Analytics, it's unique to Adwords and is designed to track and measure paid clicks.  Google Analytics has some capabilities of measuring Adwords but it's not the primary way one measures Adwords ROI.

2.  Boring ads.  Too many personal injury lawyers run ads with some variation of $$__ Millions won, Call Now Free Consultation!   I'm not saying these don't get any clicks but running ads just makes you look similar to the competition.  A better approach is to offer problem solving information.

3.  The Home Page Blues.  Pretend for a moment you went online to buy a pair of dress or running shoes.  You type in "mens running shoes" you see an ad from a store maybe Zappoes.  You click with the assumption you will see a category page of mens running shoes.  That would make most sense right.  A search for the phrase "mens running shoes" triggers and ad about "mens running shoes" which takes the visitor to a PAGE ABOUT "mens running shoes."

Makes sense right?

The retailer does not take the visitor to the store's home page if they searched for a shoe by brand and model right? If they did that person would more than likely hit the back button and leave - gone for good!

But lawyers don't do this.  Sometimes I'll see a lawyer who is properly tracking, had decent ad copy, but then drops the ball because they take the potential client to the law firm home page which has 25 or more things that person can do such as:

Clicking attorney bios

Clicking firm practice areas.

Leaving the site all together by visiting links to social media profiles

Watching videos

Just having the option to do too many things OTHER THAN calling the firm or requisition a consultation.

Newbies to this might thing that the home page really is the best option.  It's not.  People including those injured seeking help are just like any other web user.  They have VERY short attention spans and when they click on something they expect to see something relevant.

These 3 things are very basic search marketing best practices but for a number of reasons most law firms just don't get right.

With that said, there's a big opportunity for lawyers who do want to get this right.   

"I Want to Do a Better Job with My Online Marketing What Are the Next Steps?"

As I wrote, Perry Marshall is the worlds most quoted Google Adwords expert.  I've invested in many of his materials, so has my attorney client.  If you want to hear from 2 advanced law firm marketers, watch the video on the next page where I interview my client on his approach and why it's effective.   You'll even see screen shots from his account providing that this works.

This is NOT about slick web design or anything like that.  Having a slick web site and converting cold clicks from potential clients ARE 2 VERY DIFFERENT THINGS.

Why you should listen to what I have to say…

  • Tim, my client and the attorney I interview in the video, spent thousands of dollars learning how to advertise with Perry Marshall, the leading authority on Adwords. Perry actually referred Tim to me because he was looking for assistance with Adwords. We’ve been working together since June 2011
  • Unlike other people or firms who approach your firm, I actually DO the work, so you won’t be passed around between a dozen people.
  • Should we work together, I WILL NOT offer my services to competing firms in your area
  • I GUARANTEE results on all projects taken!

Certified Google Adwords Partner

In addition to personally passing Google's 2 required exams and adherence to 'best practices' I've personally spent over $20,000 of my own money on Adwords selling products and services. You never want a beginner working on your stuff, especially not in the legal field. Click here for my official listing on Google.com

See Proof these methods work - screen shots from actual Google Campaigns are on the next page.

Thanks for Reading!

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Anthony Castelli

I do have a webmaster but I'm always looking for that new wrinkle or something extra to produce and convert leads. Eric came to my attention through Linkedin and we discussed if he could help in this area. 

He did some research on my web site and rankings and offered to consult with me . After working with him I found him to be 
extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. Everything he promised was done as said and on time. 

Specifically I asked him for ways to make my site more responsive as well as ways of getting more geo-targeted traffic to my site - we did a live webinar on each topic. He gave me some great ideas and had his presentation well organized . Either a novice or someone with a bit of experience can learn from Eric how to improve their leads. 

I'd highly recommend working with him - even if you are happy with your current providers - his experience outside the legal profession is valuable.

Anthony Castelli Castelli Law