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From The Desk of Eric Dick
-Jersey City, NJ

Dear Friend, Valued Customer, Fellow Entrepreneur, Future Success Story...

Since 2006, I've been on Adwords using it as a lead generation tool in some of the top most competitive verticals such as "business opportunities" and "injury law" and others where the main goal is to generate some kind of lead.  Maybe it's to book a software demo, set an appointment, attend a webinar or download a white paper.

For nearly 7 years I've also done sales with LONG sales cycles ranging from several months to well over 1 year.  If you're looking for someone who can understand your business challenges and can offer strategies beyond the just "optimizing" then I might be the right fit for you.

99 Problems but Adwords Ain't One

Adwords is a great way to advertise and many times it crushes SEO and Social when done right.  I'm never one to make blanket statements as many who provide content like that do so to get attention, but Adwords for lead generation can be something that is set up once and "maintained" for months and years to come.

It definitely takes some sweat and effort to get it right and you need a proper captain to steer the ship ongoing.   For starters many businesses offer boring bland website copy and content.  This doesn't do much to attract and qualify leads - so that's usually a big problem from the get do.   Many businesses suffer from over doing it on industry cliches.  For instance, fitness marketers should stay away from "Look Good - Feel Great" that's boring and over done.

How often to b2b marketers use phrases like "best in breed" "world class" or "bleeding edge?"  Quite often...this too should be avoided.  Trust me I've learned the hard way myself, when I used to use Adwords to drive "business opportunity" leads.  That niche like others has it's own over done cliches, and I paid for it with low volume low quality, expensive leads.

Many businesses don't do things to educate and sell to prospects over time.  Let's say 100 clicks costs $300, of those clicks you're marketing is ONLY set up to attract people looking to solve a problem now.  Not everyone who visits is ready to get on the line with a sales person but they are at least moderately interested.

Typical conversion rates are like 2-3%, this is rather low, but with the right set up and offer you can still attract the 2-3% who are "READY NOW" but with the same money spent you can capture the 10-20% of those who are warm, but not yet hot, and add them to the top of your funnel.

Many times a business already has the right ingredients and content, it just needs to be repackaged in a way that maximizes lead flow instead of doing the opposite.

But don't think you can set it and forget it, just like a garden needs pruning and upkeep, so too does your Google Advertising.

Are you bidding on the right keywords and maximizing impression share?

Is ad copy being strategically tested over time?

Is there run away spending?

Are you making any killer newbie mistakes?

Are you taking advantage of some of the latest Adwords innovations such as Ad Extensions and Re-Marketing.

Have you identified at least 2-3 main customer segments, and is there a strategy in Adwords that reflects this?

If you're not segmenting I can assure you money is being left on the table.

"Any marketer worth his or her salt has done real face to face belly to belly selling..."

That's what Dan Kennedy had to say about what separates direct marketing pros versus wanna-be's.  And this is what makes me stand out.

I'm not a whiz bang make you feel good and get all excited kinda guy who can convince people to shell out money for anything imaginable.   But I've sold commodities like $22,000 network marketing business opportunities...Cutco Knives, fitness, and several b2b offerings that consist of software subscriptions and implementation fees - over $2.2 million sold for Thomson Reuters.

Many Adwords consultants don't have the sales skills I do so any insights they have with regards to conversion are likely based on what they've read about not what they've done.

Even if you're happy with what you're currently doing...

Well, define happy.  If you're just happy with the number of clicks that you get, the price you pay for month, that your company name is "getting out there" - that's really the just the tip of the iceberg.

What about your ad copy is it getting clicked on by the right people.  Will it attract the right or wrong person?

Are you maxing out impression share?

Are you happy with the quality of customers you get and how long it takes them to buy?

OK so maybe your happy...and successful...things are going well...FOR NOW.

I mean...is the person running your campaign truly dedicated to your business or do they have a million other things going on?   Maybe it's someone internal who has 3 different responsibilities...have they ever spent their own money on clicks?

Maybe you have an agency...are you their top client, or just a small fish?

And what about your website - what happens AFTER people click?

Maybe everything seems fine at surface glance but there could be many things brewing under the surface that could disrupt your current state of happiness.

Maybe you're happy with most of these things...but,

You don't want the "most" or 50%... YOU WANT IT ALL!


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