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I build advertising systems that bring in a steady lead or customer flow every month.  This is something that yes does take work to get going but you can also "set and forget" to a small degree.  For example one of my clients is an attorney, he spent considerable time and money learning how to advertise with Google back in 2008.  When I say learned how to advertise I mean everything from soup to nuts, creative in Adwords all the way to his websites and the words and images on the page. Quick tip. The website that makes the president happy is different than the website that makes the customer buy.  A website that sells is DIFFERENT than a website designed for looks, image, or usability. I work with businesses who are more concerned with sales than image and branding.  Branding is a secondary benefit. Back in 2007 I started an online business I could run from home.  It was quite a competitive niche - I spent a little over $20,000 of my own money advertising mostly with Adwords, so I know what it feels like to make the beginner mistakes. I've also dealt with all sorts of hucksters and so called "gurus."  Usually the gurus were good at talking and taking credit card information. I've also done real face to face and phone sales - many marketers like to sit in their caves.  I like my cave but I like to get out too.  Should we choose to work together you can be certain I'll be mindful of your budget and that the traffic that comes actually wants to buy.

Why pay for ads when Social Media and Search Engine Optimization are free?

Nothing is free those two things take tons of time and energy with no guarantee you'll get any interested people on your website who may ever buy. 

Sure they are worthwhile and needed, just not the first things I'd concern myself with when starting out, or even at all depending on the niche.  People making money on Facebook for instance are paying money to advertise.

They ALREADY know how much a customer is worth.  They KNOW what their audience wants and they are buying traffic to fan pages that FIT their customer profile.  They also know what stuff their customers like and dislike.  This is MUCH different than what most think of when you say social media marketing.

Waiting Tables, Spinning Records, various "business opportunities" a nearly half a million dollar sale...

In high school I wore black clothes and rarely spoke to ANY other kids outside my circle of friends.  My first job was a bus boy and that got my feet with in terms of dealing with the public (and how INSANE many people are).

Along the way I got involved with several "businesses" that I thought I could make nice part time money with but were nothing more than commission only sales jobs of products most people DON'T get excited about and need lots of convincing to buy...like life insurance yay.

I did make some money (about $40k part time) with one of them and learned how to Advertise with Google Adwords.  At the same time, I had a 5 year run selling software and solutions to big companies.  Biggest sale was $450,ooo and I also helped them refine their lead generation so each inquiry cost about 50 bucks instead of $200+...

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